About Us

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FGC Asset Management is a leading asset manager for individuals, advisors and institutions. Our investment professionals are located around the world, providing strategies that span the full spectrum of asset classes.


“Every day, attackers come up with new ways to compromise enterprise networks and systems. We look to invest in companies that are working on innovative ways to tackle security challenges, while optimizing usability.”


FGC CLOUD. This cloud information protection platform provides cloud encryption and tokenization gateways to help reduce concerns regarding data privacy, residency, security and regulatory compliance.

About firstgalaxy.com

FIRST GALAXY CAPITAL Company was founded in year 2003. Our Headquarter is located in United State, Columbus.

Company establishment and with years of investment Management Corporation are operate by our Professional Investment Team. FGC has established Mutual Fund, Hedge Fund, ETC (Exchange Traded Fund) for investor and corporate finance.

According several years, glorious and resplendent investment achievement, FGC still rely mainly exert on Assets Management for futures.