Investment Sector

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Renewable Energy and Technology R&D Institute

In 2011, the management team had notice the trend of encrypted digital money, more on active research, in-depth understanding. Until 2015, just 5 years after the First Galaxy Capital investment encryption digital currency accumulation amount has more than 380 million dollars. An expert in encryption of digital money.

Mainly in energy and technology research and development, the main purpose is to provide changes and conveniences to human society and conserving energy, also constantly closing the gap between technologies, ensuring to optimise and create the most advance technology.

Gambling Industry

With an annual income of more than 120 billion US recent years, there are 109 countries & regions had recognized the gambling industry legalization.

The rapid development of the gambling industry are now close connect with modern technology and it had transform form traditional gambling industry to a new era.

Resource Extraction And Processing

Up to date, South America petroleum mining totaled 25.41 billion tons. FGC & South America petroleum companies are now work out together sharing deep-sea drilling technology.

Recently Russia had announced their 2016 diamond mining report, they achieve production of 38.3 Million karts of diamond.

FGC now entered this industry & joining the underground diamond mining project, as well as high potential diamond mine production & aims for diamond market prospect in the world.

Property Industry

1. Personal net assets increment
●  Always hunt for property that lower than market price. NAV is the natural increase phenomenon in the real market of the property, it will bring immediate benifits.
2. Income for rental
●  Rental can be use to pay off the purchase price not only on self sufficiency and residual some times but as a long term income in the future.
3. Property that value for money
●  As long as you can find the seller that eager to sell off their property.
4. Tax saving
●  There are many expenses such as loan interest, depreciation & etc... It can be tax deductible.
5. Cashless Investment
●  Target on the property below market price.

Financial Investment

Providing a wide range of financial product and services that include trusts, guarantees, asset management, wealth management, continuous product innovation & service enhancement. Committed to built up a future oriented one stop smart financial service for all.